Orthodontic Records

If you are ready for treatment, orthodontic records will be necessary.  These include:

  • PANOREX – This is a scanning X-ray of the upper and lower teeth and the jaw joints. This allows us to visualize any missing teeth, impacted teeth, extra teeth, and when the teeth are about to erupt.
  • CEPHALOGRAM- -This is a profile X-ray which lets us evaluate the jaw bones in relation to the rest of the face.
  • INTRAORAL PHOTOGRAPHS – Close-up photographs of the teeth are taken to register the relationship of the upper to lower teeth and also to have a color representation of the texture and color of the teeth and gum tissue.
  • EXTRAORAL PHOTOGRAPHS – Close-up photographs of the face from a frontal and profile view are taken to look for facial symmetry, lip posture when relaxed, and lip posture when smiling.
  • IMPRESSIONS OF THE TEETH – These are taken so a model of the teeth can be fabricated and measurements made to help evaluate where the teeth should be positioned.

Gathering all this information usually takes us between 30 and 45 minutes. If you are a child, your parents are not needed at this appointment but are invited to observe. They might find it interesting. After you are gone, Dr. Orenstein will read the x-rays and make calculations as to where the teeth need to be positioned for optimal facial aesthetics.

Included in the fee for the Orthodontic Records is a separate one hour consultation appointment when Dr. Orenstein will discuss the best approach to treat your individual situation. As always, questions are encouraged.

The Orthodontic Records appointment is scheduled between the hours of 9:00am and 2:15pm.